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Kiwi Coders Corporation began in 1948 when J. G. McKay patented his breakthrough “Built-in Bandtype” rotary marking machine.  This new product, for the first time, made it possible to have fast, on-line type changes, enabling the marking and coding lines to keep pace with the ever-increasing production line speeds.

Successive innovations, such as the first aerosol can coder developed in the ‘50s and introduction of a broad spectrum of easy-to-operate flexographic printing and marking systems developed in the ‘60s, solidified Kiwi’s position in the marketplace and fueled the company’s growth.

Since J.G.’s one-man, storefront operation began during the postwar boom, the company has grown into a 57,000 square foot plant located just outside Chicago.  Kiwi’s first client was a major candy manufacturer.  Today Kiwi supplies customers worldwide, ranging in size from small entrepreneurial operations to the largest Fortune 500 and multi-national corporations.