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Since 1948,  Kiwi Coders has developed cost-effective and customer-specific systems for a wide variety of applications.  In addition to the complete line of standard Kiwi Coders industrial printing equipment, we have for many years engineered custom printers for virtually any application imaginable.  Contact us any time with your specific marking requirements and we will promptly respond with a detailed quotation and corresponding layout. Kiwi Coders is known worldwide for supplying custom equipment. Below are a few of the many materials or items we have printed.

PAPER                                 AMMUNITION CASINGS


FOIL                                      CERAMIC

KRAFT PAPER                FILM
OIL FILTERS                     WOOD

FOAM                                   METAL
GLASS                                   RUBBER
GASKETS                            BRAKE PADS
DRYWALL                          FUSES 


Walmart turns case printing on its head

 A February 2016 annoucement from Walmart titled "Master Case Labeling Standards and Expectations" sent tremors through Consumer Packaged Goods companies across the country.

Kiwi Coders offers the solution to Walmart's recent compliance change from inkjet no longer allowed  to only flexographic printing on all four panels.  Please download our brochure on our case printer and contact us at (847) 541-4511.


Walmart turns case printing on its head